Wk 5, Term 3 2021 COVID Update 2

Tauranga Primary School Pānui (Newsletter)

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Ngā mihi nui, ki a koutou katoa

Warm greetings to you all.

I think we had all anticipated a further extension of Alert Level 4, and the Prime Minister has confirmed this. The Alert Level will be reviewed on Friday afternoon, but for now Alert Level 4 will remain in place until 12:59pm Friday 27 August.

Despite this news, it is really pleasing to see Alert Level 4 is having its impact on the number of confirmed cases, with numbers not dramatically increasing as they would likely have done if we had been at a lower Alert Level.

And so our distance learning programme will continue. Please note the school grounds are closed in Level 4, please do not come to school unless you have been individually contacted by us to do so. Otherwise, you will be in breach of the COVID-19 Health Response Order.

Level 3 Bubble School:

In meantime, we are preparing for the transition into Level 3, whenever that may be. If you are an essential worker and will need your child(ren) to attend TPS Bubble School in Level 3 please complete this registration form.


ICT Devices:

If you do not have access to ICT devices at home, we are able to lend ipads or chrome books to families to use during Level 4 and 3 lockdown. If your family requires a device please complete this form:

ICT Device - register to borrow a device from TPS

Hard Copy Packs:

Today, a few staff members have been in school creating hard copy packs (photocopied activity sheets) to support learning at home.

You will be able to access these via a contactless collection system tomorrow (Tuesday).

  1. Come to school in your allocated time slot
  2. Drive down 5th Avenue.
  3. Display a piece of paper in your window listing what you require eg 1x junior pack and 1 x senior pack
  4. Do not open your windows or leave your car.
  5. A staff member will read this request
  6. Please pop your carboot
  7. We will place the relevant packs into your boot ....smile and wave goodbye.

Pick up schedule - Tuesday 24th August - Fifth Avenue:

  • 9 - 9:30am Junior Team (Years 1 & 2)
  • 9:30 - 10am Middle Team (Year 3 & 4)
  • 10 - 10:30am Senior Team (Year 5 & 6)
  • 10:30 - 11am Families requiring multi level packs
  • 11-1pm - Families who have been notified to pick up a ICT device (you can also pick up your hard copy pack then as well, this will save you making two trips).

Other Updates:

  • choir festival has been postponed to the 18th November . This does clash with Year 4 camp so we will need to coordinate both events accordingly.
  • ICAS assessments - as yet we have not been notified about how these will be arranged, we will let you know as soon as we know.
  • FOTS Pizza lunch that was planned for last Friday. We will postpone this event. All orders and payments will be held for this event.
  • Teacher Only Day that was planned for this Friday is postponed.
  • Teachers will regularly check email and seesaw posts between 9-3pm, Monday to Friday

As always, thank you for your continued support. Stay safe.

Hei kōnei rā

Fiona Hawes

Principal | Tumuaki


Option to pick up a hard copy learning pack (worksheets) tomorrow (Tuesday)

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There is a lot we can all do to protect our whānau and community from COVID-19 including:

  • Everyone must continue to stay home in their bubble
  • Do not mix with other household bubbles – if they have COVID-19, it can easily spread to your household, and every other household they and you are connecting with
  • As new cases are identified, new locations of interest are added to the Ministry of Health website – please keep checking this. You can search by your location and they are sorted by date, so you only need to check the locations which have been added when you last checked
  • Wash your hands regularly, especially when you have been out in public
  • Stay home if you are feeling unwell and seek advice about whether you need to get a test
  • Wear a face covering when out and about, and you MUST wear a face covering in any businesses or services which are open at Alert Level 4 (unless you have specifically been exempted from doing so, which includes anyone aged under 12)
  • Keep a two-metre distance from people outside your household bubble

Term 3:

  • Week 5 23rd -27th August - Level 4 - Distance Learning commences
  • 13 - 17 September - Maori Language Week
  • 14 September - 6:00 -7:00pm Structured Literacy Whānau Information Evening
  • 14 September - Board of Trustees Meeting- Staffroom, 7:00pm
  • 20 September - Photolife - Class and Individual photos
  • 20 - 26 September - Chinese Language Week
  • 20, 21, 22 September - Chuseok - Korean thanksgiving
  • 22 September - International Students' Learning Conferences
  • 22 and 23 September - Learning Conferences
  • 30 September - FOTS Disco
  • 1 October - Last day of term- school finishes at 3:00pm



Fiona Hawes


Deputy Principal

Cathy Ediker


Assistant Principal

Robyn Caley


Junior Team Leader

Pam Wilkins


Middle Team Leader

Jason Morgan


Senior Team Leader

Jo Howard


International Student enquiries

Cathy Ediker


Business Manager

Susan O'Neill


Administration & Enrolment Officer

Barbara Turley