Ms. Gebhard's 1st Grade Class

Make Yourself Proud!

Classroom Update

On Tuesday this week we will have a number of special visitors from around our school sharing with the first grade students about their special role in the Claxton community. Students will learn more about the responsibilities of each job within our school and how they work together. As we start to look at our Asheville community next, I encourage you to come in and share with our class about your career. If you are available on Oct. 8th, please sign up here. We would love to have a variety of careers to share with students!

Tuesday is our Claxton International Potluck Dinner. Hope to see you there!

Upcoming Claxton Events:

9/26 - No School for Students (Staff Professional Development)

9/29 - International Potluck Dinner 5:30-7:00

9/30 - Health Fair, 9 am to 1 pm - sign up here to help!

10/6 - Fun Run Pep Rally

10/15 - Fun Run - sign up here to help - get all the details here

10/16 - Fall School Pictures and Early Release Day

10/30 - Big Pumpkin Day (in our class), Fall Carnival (evening)

This Week in 1st Grade

Monday - No School for Students (Teacher Professional Development)

Tuesday -

Wednesday - Student Health Fair

Thursday -

Friday - Math HW due (Fundations due 10/7)

Our Learning Goals

Reading: This week, students will be working with all 5 options of Daily 5. We will focus on exploring the differences between fiction and nonfiction text.

Writing: We are learning what makes a sentence and working on making sure a sentence is a complete thought. We will identify nouns and verbs.

Math: We are continuing to work with groups of objects to make two parts which we will combine (add) to make a whole. Students will use number bonds and number sentences. This week we will also focus on strategies for addition.

Science: We are working on taking detailed notes in our science notebooks and making observations.

Social Studies: We will start focusing on habit 2, begin with the end in mind, as we start exploring careers in the Asheville community.

A look at last week...

Working our hardest and learning something new every day!

Practice Math at Home!

Attached to your 1st quarter midterm was your child's user name and password. This site is a great resource to practice math at home.