Become the Next President


Requirements to become the next President:

  • Born in the U.S./Citizen of the U.S. for at least 14 years
  • 35 years old or older
  • Cannot be elected for presidency more than twice

The Constitutional Powers You Will Have

  1. Appointment and Removal Power
  2. Budgeting
  3. Law Enforcement
  4. Clemency
  5. Veto
  6. Legislative Proposals
  7. Executive Orders
  8. Emergency Powers
  9. Treaty Powers
  10. Executive Agreements




The Key to Success is...

  • The ability to create tiger teams is important because we have to trust who you are bringing/finding to our nation to solve huge problems we're facing with jobs, energy, and social issues.
  • The ability to facilitate high stakes because we need to trust that you are going to tell us what is going on in the government so there are no conspiracies and we can be able to trust our president.
  • Consensus building is important because we need someone who has an open mind so change is not bias. Change need to be open minded and unbiased because you need multiple perspectives to make a good change.
  • Trust between the government and the people. This is an important factor because there is not a lot of trust with the government and the people and the president should be able to fix the amount of trust we share as a nation toward our president.
  • implement and start attainable goals that our country can support. This is important because the goals we'e setting as a country now aren't attainable within the near future. As president, you need to be able to set goals for our nation that the people can believe in and can see happening.

Most Important Power? Executive

It grants the most power and holds the highest part of presidency.

Handling Wealth/Income Distribution

The issue of wealth and income distribution has become a major problem in the United States. The problem is effecting the county's rich "1%", and the people of the US who are considered "poverty stricken", or simply below the 1%. Income and wealth distribution has been a topic of discussion throughout 2015.

To solve the distribution issue as president, there should really be no problem being able to raise taxes for the 1% or anyone who is close enough to them. By doing this, the wealthiest people would be doing their "part", so to speak, in paying taxes.

For this. I would use Article One Section eight of the constitution because taxes do not have to be equal throughout the United States.

Roles of President

  • Party Leader- Campaigns for members who support policies and help his party the most he can
  • Commander-in-Chief- All military leader take orders from the president and the president does it as a civilian and not as a service member
  • Chief Executive- Administrator of the law
  • Chief of State- Represents the United States and shows values
  • Chief Diplomatic- Takes the lead in foreign relations
  • Chief Legislature- Takes own ideas to congress during legislative drafts
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