Regional Executive Chef USA

Interview Workshop Reston, VA



Chef Gottfried Menge

Chef Oliver Fischer

Chef Anthony McNeal
Drew Niemeyer
Laurie Dalton


Robert Anthony Rash
Warren Pearson
Fred Raynaud

Address / Contact


1880 Campus Commons Drive

Suite 200

Reston, VA 20191



giordano dasio
Project Manager Culinary Excellence
+41 79 418 46 98



08.30 Taxi picks up candidates and Lisa at Hotel …….

08.45 Taxi arrives at GGU

09:00 Opening session (with all candidates and all interviewers)
Gottfried (Welcome and introduction of gg)

09:30 Introduction candidates
2-3 slides each person – please send it to

---- Group exercise (all interviewers)
All candidates in a group; they get old magazines
…… They have 30 min to create a picture (collage) to introduce “What is gg for us ?”

….. Introduction of their ideas (10min)

…. Lunch

….. Speed-Dating interviews (separated into 2 rooms / 40 min each)
Create 2 groups of interviewers and have parallel interviews like following (at the end of the day
we sit together to discuss our impressions)

Group 1: Group 2:

….. Individual culinary exercise “Magical Basket”
….. Explanation of exercise
… Chefs have to change uniforms
… Selecting goods and deciding on menu
… Preparation time
… Cooking
.. Final preparation assembly, dishing out
… Explanation of prepared dishes
… Q & A time
Meanwhile a photographer takes photos

… Debriefing Session (decision about the final 2 candidates) – only interviewers

… Dinner / Cocktail (candidates & interviewers) at the restaurant …….. evtl. Crea

Next Day:
Kitchen Tour for the one who like