Binion E-Meeting

March 21st, 2016

Computer Lab Classes Will Go to Library Lab Tuesday and Wednesday

Since TELPAS will continue in the computer lab Tuesday and Wednesday, if you're scheduled for computer lab , please take students to the library lab. Mrs. Dotson will supervise students in the library lab during these 2 days. Thank you for your flexibility!

Upcoming Events

Monday March 21st Yellow 3- Brief staff meeting (Scott Murphy UTA Education Partnerships)

Tuesday March 22nd Green 4- TELPAS 3rd grade, PK/K Petting Zoo, Monthly MPM/Assessment council (Hager out), Smith - off campus

Wednesday March 23rd Blue 5- Windsuit Wednesday, TELPAS 2nd grade, PK/K Petting Zoo part 2,

Thursday March 24th Purple 1-504s

Friday March 25th-District Closed, Teacher/Student Holiday, Sleep in, Happy Good Friday!

Reminder: Please electronically Sign Walkthroughs and Summatives on Eduphoria.


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Shout Outs!

Shout out to Javier, Rojas, Edith and Carolina for going the extra mile in making sure our school looked its best for Public School Week.

Shout out to Mrs. Venegas for a record breaking Scholastic Book fair! Super groovy too!

Shout out to Graciela, cafeteria staff, custodians and monitors for being accommodating to all of the grandparents visiting during public school week.

Shout out to Binion teachers for making your classroom so welcoming during open house night!

Brittany's Corner

Welcome back, everyone! I hope you all had a fun, relaxing, and adventurous spring break!

STAAR Stuff - Please read carefully
  • STAAR Manuals - If you have not done so already, you need to be reading this thoroughly. If you do not have a manual, you can find the online version on the TEA website.
  • Rosters - I will be emailing each of you your roster for testing day including testing accommodations and test type, please ensure they are accurate.
  • Supplemental aids - All supplemental aids for 504 and SPED students need to be turned into me by FRIDAY. If a student writes on the SA, it has to be destroyed, so you may want to give me a copy rather than the original.
  • STAAR day schedule will be emailed out this week as well.
  • 4th and 5th grade teachers - I will hang a sign-up sheet outside my office. Please sign up for a check-out a time the morning of the STAAR test.
  • Prepare rooms - By the end of the week, you will want to make sure your walls are covered or free of materials that would aid students during the test. Please also ensure the hallways are clear of instructional materials. Wood and I will do a walk-through next Monday to check rooms.
  • Timer - If you are planning on using a timer on your computer, please use this one:
  • STAAR A/STAAR L - SUPER IMPORTANT - make sure your students taking these types of tests are utilizing the online tutorials. We want them to be familiar with this prior to STAAR day.

Any questions? Please let me know!

Jeff's Corner

Spring Break ?? I must have missed it...
Seriously, I hope yours was good, too!

Getting to Know You Mystery Person of the Week

* Born: Cowtown
* Raised: Down by the Riverside
*College: Likes green
*Proud Moments: When former students invite me to graduations, weddings and showers
* Favorite Hobbies: Reading and Redecorating
*What you like most as a teacher: THE KIDS
* Favorite Vacation Trips: Mount Rushmore/South Dakota
*Bucket List Vacation: New Zealand
* Favorite Food: Mexican
* Favorite movies include Grease and The Lion and the Lamb
*Something others may not know: I am happiest when I'm being silly!
* What you Like most about your Team: Awesome!
* Person to have Dinner with: Sally Ride--- would love to hear of her adventures in Science; and I'm related to her!
* Memorable comment from a child: "Is today yesterday or tomorrow? Huh?"
* Favorite Music: Country
* And of course... an embarrassing moment: On a date with my husband-to-be, I sneezed with a mouthful of rice. It shot every which way despite my trying to control the explosion! And he still married me!

Email me your guess by noon tomorrow. The winning guesses will go in the drawing for a jeans pass!!
Get to Know your Colleagues!
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Save the Date: Bea Luchin Academy Day 1 and Day 2 will be August 1st-2nd at the FAAC. 3rd day will be in September TBA.

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