Diverse Cultures of Southeast Asia

Destiny Smith & Eliecer Quintero III


Matrilineal - inheritance through the mother

Stupa - domed shaped shrines

Paddies - fields with provided food for the population

Geography of Southeast Asia

- two major regions: Mainland Southeast Asia & Island Southeast Asia

- mainland is separated from Asia by mountains & high plateaus

- 4 main river valleys are separated by mountains: Irrawaddy, Chao Phraya, Mekong, & Red

- home to early civilizations

- monsoons, or seasonal winds. shaped trading patterns in southern seas

- ships traveled northeast in summer, and southwest in winter

- Southeast Asian ports were important centers of trade and culture

- key product of Southeast Asia was spices

- people of Southeast Asia developed their own cultures

- diverse ethnic groups spoke many languages, and settled in Southeast Asia

- lived in isolated villages

- female merchants could become rulers

- women could have some say in choosing or divorcing their marriage partner

Indian Culture Spreads To Southeast Asia

- Indian merchants & Hindu Priests spread their culture

- trade & religion brought fourth the influence of writing, law, government, art, architecture, & farming

- trade brought prosperity as merchants exchanged products

- contacts increased between India & Southeast Asia, Indian beliefs & ideas won widespread acceptance

- Indians carried third religion, Islam, into the region

- 1200's Muslims ruled northern India

- traders spread Islamic beliefs & Muslim culture

- trade network thrived

New KIngdoms & Empired Emerge

- Pagan kingdom arose in the fertile rice growing

- 1044, King Anawrahta united the region