The Telegraph

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THE FOUINDER:Claude and Ignace Chappe- Improved by: Samuel Morse

One of the most successful of the visual telegraphs was the semaphore developed in France by the Chappe brothers.In 1832 Samuel F.B. Morse, a professor at the University of the City of New York. Became interested in the possibility of electric telegraphy and made sketches of ideas for such a system. In 1835 he devised a system of dots and dashes to represent letters and numbers.

How does the invention work?

Telegraph, device or system that transmits information by coded signal over distance.

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So why is this invention/telegraph important to history?

This invention is very significant to our history, it is one of the first electric communicating devices. This invention is the building block of our era today. Without this invention our technology probably would not be as advance as it is. This contraption was our future and still builds on to many years yet to come.

Telegraph by: Kaylee Webster