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M3: Making Math Meaningful! - March 11, 2015

Understanding Math Sample Assessment Questions

Selected Response (Multiple Choice)

Sample multiple-choice math questions are designed to assess CCGPS math standards and incorporate both standards and math practices in real-world applications. Math multiple-choice questions assess procedural and conceptual standards. Unlike questions on past math assessments, many require the use of multiple skills and concepts. Answer choices are also different from those on past assessments. Within the sample questions, all distractors will be based on plausible missteps.

Short Constructed Response

Math short constructed response questions are similar to past 2-point questions, asking students to complete a task and show their work. Like multiple-choice questions, short constructed response questions will often require multiple steps, the application of multiple math skills, and real-world applications. Many of the short constructed response questions will cover conceptual and application standards.

Extended Constructed Response

Math extended constructed response questions are similar to past 3-point questions, asking students to show their work in completing two or more tasks or one more extensive problem. Extended constructed response questions allow students to show their understanding of math procedures, conceptual understanding, and application.

Sample 3rd Grade Questions:

Sample 4th Grade Questions:

Sample 5th Grade Questions:


Sample Answer Document for the Georgia Milestones Assessment - 3rd Grade EOG

The answer document for the Georgia Milestones Assessement EOG looks different from the CRCT answer document. Please use the following link to review the answer document, and familiarize your students with the new format --- Please note that the boxes filled with lines are for constructed response answers. It is imperative that you remind students that only what is in the box will be scored, AND that no graphic information (pictures, diagrams, charts, etc.) will be scored.
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The Critical Phases of How Children Learn Mathematics - Module 5 ONLINE --- (PROBLEM SOLVING)

Monday, March 16th, 9am to Friday, March 27th, 11:45pm


Blackboard is an online platform, which allows you to access this content at your leisure during at two-week time span.

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The Critical Phases of How Children Learn Mathematics - Module 5 Condensed Face-to-Face --- (PROBLEM SOLVING)

Thursday, March 19th, 3-5pm

Instructional Services Center (ISC) - 433 Peeples Street Southwest, Atlanta, GA, United States

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Course #: 156269

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Weekly Problem - "Clock Hands"

A pocket watch is placed next to a digital clock. Several times a day, the number of minutes shown by the digital clock is equal to the number of degrees between the hands of the watch. (The watch does not have a second hand.) As you can see, 10:27 is not one of those times — the angle between the hands is much greater than 27°. If fractional minutes aren’t allowed, at what times does this happen?

Grades: 3rd to 5th
Measurement & Data
Solve problems involving measurement and estimation of intervals of time, liquid volumes, and masses of objects.

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