Dolphin Details

September 21-25, 2015

Upcoming Events & Due Dates

9/21-25 PTA Membership Drive & School Fundraiser

9/21 Ms. Martin's Birthday

9/22 LP's Due for Sept. 28th-Oct. 3rd

9/23 GLT Meetings: Lesson Plan Feedback

9/25 CIA #1

9/25 Staff Fun Friday (Hosted by Pre-K & Kinder Team)

9/25 Ms. Katinas' Birthday

Shout Outs!

  • McDonald for her for praising positive student behavior in the hallway.
  • Nan for collaborating with teachers to support student learning.
  • Mila for growing our readers with excellent centers in ELAR.
  • To our DTR teachers: Prosser, Ortega, McMillan, Benton, Butler, Pesina!

Nominate Employee of the Month

Use the link below to nominate one of your coworkers for Employee of the Month. (They get a special PRIME parking spot for a month!)
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5K Withers Run

We had lots of Dolphin Runners at school on Saturday to practice for the Withers Fun Run & 5K. Be sure to register for the October 2nd event!

ACP Viewings

DATE: November 7, 2015

LOCATION: Adamson High School

REGISTRATION BEGINS: September 21, 2015

DEADLINE TO REGISTER: November 3, 2015

If you have any questions, please contact Celina Jimenez at 972-925-6422 or


1. Go to

2. Click on “Teacher Login” and enter your EAD information.

3. Click on the “ACP Viewing Registration” button.

4. Carefully read the security oath and electronically sign with your ID number.

5. Select Elementary Viewings.

6. Select the session of the grade and subject that you teach.

7. Upon successfully registering, your registration status will appear at the top of the page and a confirmation email will be sent to your district email address.

Bulletin Boards & Student Work

Room bulletin boards and hallways are a very important teaching tool and should reflect subject and content. Bulletin boards should consist of quality student work samples with the objective/standard and student expectation posted. Posted work should be updated by the fifth sixth week of each grading period.

SLO's & PDP's

Thank you Superheroes for working so diligently on your SLO's and PDP's. Be on the lookout for feedback from your side-kick in the upcoming week. Final submissions are due Oct. 1st.

Check out Mr. Chavez, Ms. Dosker, Ms. McMillan, Ms. Prosser, and Ms. Rangel working late on a Friday to analyze their student data! (below)

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Instructional Focus: Key Points

Ensure your key points include the HOW and WHAT. It's common to list of the definitions and concepts a student must know and leave of the thinking process a student will go through.

  • Key points are critical because they focus the lesson on the most essential information. They prevent us from skipping important ideas or overwhelming students with too much information.
  • Key points clearly articulate what students NEED TO KNOW and BE ABLE TO DO by the end of the lesson in order to master the objective.
  • There are usually 3-5 most important things students must know or be able to do in order to master the objective.
  • Each step of the lesson plan emphasizes the key points.
  • THE WHAT: The knowledge- includes definitions and explanations of concepts. Define and explain the nouns from the objective.Don’t just list the terms or ideas. Write the definition or explanation you will use in the lesson. This may include prior knowledge, but only list the items that data shows your students don’t already know.
  • THE HOW: Describes how students will acquire that knowledge. All the steps that explain how to do the skill that students need to utilize in order to master the objective. Ask yourself, “What steps did I take or what questions did I ask in order to do the skill? List the key thinking steps a student must take. NOT the activity of the lesson. Should be steps that a student would use no matter what task or activity you choose for the lesson.

Check out the link below for additional support on lesson planning.