Rhine River

Stephani Michels

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Location- The location of Rhine River goes through many cities. Which all the cities are located in Germany. And the Rhine River is going towards the North Sea. Also the Rhine River is on the border of Germany.

Size- The Rhine River is 766 miles (1,233 km) long.

Physical Characteristics- There were roughly 47 different species of freshwater fish in the Rhine River. Due to environmental issues, this number has been dramatically reduced to a mere 20 and this still could decrease due to a lot of pollution. The types of freshwater fish that are found around there are Salmon, Trout, Haddock, and Rockfish. The daily temperature fluctuates from around 56 degrees. The water type of the Rhine River is freshwater.

Human Characterisitics- There is a bridge over the Rhine river called the Caeser Bridge. There are rail tunnels by the Rhine River. There is a monument by the Rhine river it's calls Rudesheim. There are castles by the Rhine river also. The religion in Germany is Roman Catholicism. For Germany's political system Federal Chancellor runs the government and the politics. The people of Germany make a living of the place by there business activities like trade, hotels, and restaurants. There population distribution is 7.3 million foreigners.

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Natural Resources

The Rhine River has headwaters. The Rhine River gives you water and gives you fish to eat. It also gives you other things to eat


This changed people by getting somewhere faster so they could take a boat over the Rhine River. It would help them get somewhere if they need to. It can help them get food and water fathers so they don't have to go buy anything.