Sulfur Cycle Game Splash Screen

By: Dhathri Bobba and Chaitanya Kalathuru 7th Period

App Information

Link to Game:

Rating: ★★★★★

Age Group: 10-18

Description: This game details the adventure of a sulfur molecule, and the sulfur molecule has to avoid villains such as humans, wind, and sulfur absorbing bacteria. The sulfur molecule is given five lives, and every times it gets attacked by a villain it loses a life. Once the sulfur molecule loses all of its live, the game ends. In order to win, the sulfur molecule must still have lives till it reaches its destination. Use the arrow keys to move the sprite. Try to survive! Good Luck!


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Hands down the best game I have ever played!”- Andy Prevalsky ★★★★★

“The game is very engaging and creative!”- Eric Sun ★★★★★

“I learned a lot about the sulfur cycle!”- Ryo Yoshida ★★★★★

“It is very easy to play!”- Beoung Han ★★★★★

“I spent countless hours playing this game!”- Rehan Khan ★★★★★

Troubleshoot FAQ

  1. “My game is not working properly. The sprite is moving in only one direction.”

Run the game in a different browser like Safari. Scratch can be glitchy on some browser. If the problem persists, open the game on the Scratch program.

2. “How do you control the sprite?”

The game is very easy to control. Use the arrow keys to move the sprite.

3. “Can I make a spin-off of this game because it so fun?”

Feel free to make any edits to the game. The game is not copyrighted, and we made it educate people about the sulfur cycle.