Hubbard & Cravens Coffee and Tea

April 2016 Newsletter

Our Most Popular Seasonal Drink Menu Returns!

With the days getting longer and warmer, our Spring/Summer drink menu has made its way back into our shops with some of the most popular and original drinks you can find. We ramp up the roasting of our Kutisha blend, the signature roast for our Cold Brew Iced Coffee. The shops triple the volume of the cold brewing process of the beans, which includes a 16 hour cold brewing process in Toddy brewing equipment. The concentrate that it produces then goes into more than just the Iced Coffee. We also have two additional drinks back on the menu. The Shaker is a mix of cold brew concentrate, cream, and dehydrated organic whole cane sugar all shaken together in a cocktail glass and served frothy and sweet. The other warm weather favorite is the Cubist, a drink whose popularity has grown to rival our fall classic Pumpkin Pie Latte. The Cubist starts out with the freezing of ices cubes made of cold brew concentrate, stacking them in a cup, and then pouring cappuccino foam over the cubes. It gradually melts the cubes into a smooth, creamy drink, with enough caffeine to get any amount of work done! This year we are adding an additional feature to the menu, the Affogato. This popular drink consists of serving a double espresso side-by-side with a 2 ounce scoop of ice cream to pour the espresso over and enjoy. But it is not just any ice cream, it is the amazing Hubbard & Cravens Coffee Ice Cream made exclusively for us by our friends at Lick Ice Cream, an ultra-premium ice cream with our Sobro Blend coffee as the key ingredient.
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Coffee For A Cause

Our time teaming up with Little Red Door is transitioning to our next sponsor group in April. Over the last 2 months, we sold out of our first Seasonal 25th Anniversary offering, Sumatra Jantung, and the second offering, Congo, has been met with rave reviews. The best part is, $2 of each of these bags sold goes to our sponsorship charity, as does every penny donated in exchange for our recycled burlap coffee bags. We also had a great time volunteering at the Little Red Door's beer stop on this years Shamrock Run 5K in downtown Indianapolis. We are now focusing our efforts in supporting the Happy Hollow Children's Camp!

Throughout the 64 year history of Happy Hollow Children’s Camp, economically disadvantaged and certain special needs children from Indianapolis and Central Indiana have been impacted by this life changing summer program.

Happy Hollow Children’s Camp is a week where children of different backgrounds get the opportunity to experience living together as a community at an over 800 acre camp in beautiful Nashville, Indiana. While campers work to build skills of self-sufficiency, they also learn to work together to accomplish common goals. During team building exercises and program areas such as the high-ropes course, campers learn to support one another and develop a healthy reliance on fellow cabin mates. Through their successful participation in new activities, the campers gain self-confidence and knowledge that can help them to make positive decisions, overcome obstacles and accomplish their goals, long after they return to their communities. Campers are also encouraged to adopt a healthy and fit lifestyle through the many activities and sports they are introduced to at camp.

The camp has a measurable positive effect on the campers. In recent parent evaluations, 56% of parents saw improved problem solving skills and peer skills development in their children. Moreover, 74% of parents saw an increase in their child’s self-esteem and overall fitness. With the help of people like you and organizations like Hubbard & Cravens support, the camp will continue to leave a positive impact on the life of economically disadvantaged children in Central Indiana.

For more information on the camp, registration information, or how to help out, go to

Happy Hollow Camp

Local Supporting Local

At Hubbard & Cravens, we strive to support and promote other local businesses. In cases where we can cross-promote in partnership with other vendors and companies, it is done to the fullest extent possible. One such example is our relationship with Taste Café and Marketplace, our neighbor in South Broad Ripple. Taste is the creation of co-owners Marc Urwand and Deidra Henry with one simple idea: Fresh, filling gourmet meals sourced locally and brought to you fast. Applying techniques acquired in some of the top Michelin-starred kitchens in the world, they are committed to bringing you the finest brunch and dinner meals in Indiana. They proudly serve our coffee, roasted fresh, just blocks away. Our three café shops carry grab-and-go dishes and soups made fresh in their kitchen as well. We have options such as curry chicken salad, pasta salad, red curry soup , chicken vegetable, and many others available. Check out the full menu at today.
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Coffee Republic

Thursday, April 21st, 8am

6229 Carrollton Avenue

Indianapolis, IN

Our popular Coffee Republic series has started back up this spring! Last month, Erin O'Bryan Tuttle brought information and concerns to the table about the development plans and construction effects that the planned Broad Ripple stretch of the new Red Line transportation system will bring. It was an eye opening, lively community discussion. This month, we have the opportunity to hear a more in-depth scope of the project and ask questions of special guest speakers, Bryan Luellen, Director of Public Affairs for IndyGo, and Mark Fisher, Vice-President of Government Relations and Policy at the Indy Chamber of Commerce.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

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Barista Corner

This months featured barista, Adam Oakley, has accomplished quite a bit in his time at Hubbard & Cravens thus far. After starting in our warehouse as the shipping clerk, he began working on the side in the shops. His passion for connecting with customers led to promotions to Shift Supervisor, Assistant Manager, and ultimately Store Manager. He has managed both the downtown location, as well as currently, the 49th&Penn location.

How long have you Worked for Hubbard & Cravens?

I’ve worked for Hubbard & Cravens for just over two years.

What do you feel sets us apart from other coffee companies and shops in the area?

We’re an established company that has developed and nurtured strong relationships for decades with not only our amazing customers and local community, but also coffee farmers, distributors, equipment manufactures, and others in the industry around the world.

We have never rested on our laurels and are constantly innovating. Flavor comes first, and for the best flavor, the utmost freshness is a must. We recently started nitrogen flushing every bag of coffee we pack which dramatically improves freshness. Once a bag is opened, we insist those beans are brewed within three days

What is your favorite part of each day at your shop?

What I enjoy most each day is talking, laughing, and “geeking out” about coffee with our customers. It’s easy to tell that they truly appreciate our service. We get compliments every day and that always feels good.

Where did you grow up/How did you end up in Indianapolis?

I grew up in a castle just outside of Indy in the land of Noblesville. I’ve lived in Indianapolis for just over 5 years and love it, it’s a great time to live in Indy. There’s rapidly increasing cultural and economic development happening around the city. It has a long way to go, but it's turning into a great cultural experience, not just the family friendly and affordable place it's known for.

What past experience in life or acquired talent would your customers be surprised that you have become skilled in?

I’m a fairly experienced caver. I’ve been caving all over the country including vertical caves that require rope work, and I’ve been on a few survey trips. I haven’t been in a while, but look forward to getting back into it this spring. I also have a passion for traditional Japanese cuisine, and for the past seven years I’ve been attempting to be a decent preparer of Japanese cuisine at home.