Annamay Hernandez period:7


I believe that i am a nail artist. I enjoy doing nails, danceing and singing. I have 2 brothers and one sister. There names are maria, joey and anthony. I enjoy spending time with family. I like helping out in the community.

The charecter is olivia. She is seen as wealthy. She thought her brother was deceased. She is caucasian and is tall. "Give me leave, beseech you, I did send after the last enchatment you did here, A ring in chase of you (101-102). The qoute is stateing that she fell for someone and is trying to amuse them with a ring.


I believe that people see me as wealthy because of the way i dress and act most of the time. People see me as nice and fortunate to others. I like helping other people with money or just problems in general.

Olivia is classy and she discovers her gender throughout the play. She acts politely. Benefits created are she is higher then most people in the play. She is responsible. She acts with authority and respect.


I am a highschool female studnt at west. I think females are seen as the ones that shouldnt have a job and the ones that are preferred to stay home and clean. I have certain behaviors at school that i wouldnt do at home. I help my dad with community stuff when i have available time in my day.

Others see Olivia as nice and kind hearted. Others like Olivia and/or look up to her. Olivia is not really looked down upon. "Sad, lady! I could be sad. This does make some obstruction in the blood, this cross-gartering, but what of that? If it please the eye of one, it is with me as the very true sonnet is,“Please one, and please all. ( III.II.16-20) He says that olivia is a special person. So she is probably worth his time.

Similarities and differences

Similarities- I have a similar personality to olivia and maria. I can relate to Sebastian. They are generous and nice.

differences- We talk differently. We use different slang. Dress differently.

The Pygmalion Effect and the Power of Positive Expectations