Tissue Issues? The Difference?

Hailey Sanderson

Epithelial Tissue

The form of this tissue is stratified squamous epithelial tissue. It is thick layered and performs the function of skin which is protection for the body.
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Connective Tissue

The form/function relationship exists here as bone and cartilage. It functions as support by the bone being solid and sturdy and the cartilage helping the bones connect creating a joint which allows movement.
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Muscle Tissue

The form/function relationship exists here as skeletal muscle tissue. Its dense and attaches tissue to bone showing that its function is to attach joints to allow movement.
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Nervous Tissue

The form/function relationship exists here as brain nervous tissue. It sends out and receives information showing its function is to conduct nerve impulses for the body to respond in some sort of way to.
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Why nervous tissue is best for its location and function?

Nervous tissue is found in the brain and in nerves throughout the body. It is best located in the brain because that is where the thought process and central nervous system are located therefore it can send out information to the body. The nervous tissue being located throughout the body is best because what ever the brain thinks to do, it will send the information to the area of the body the action may take place.