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TCEA 2014

How can I actually use this tool?

To accompany a paper & pencil test review...

Kim McCorkle (@mccorklemath), 6th grade math teacher, allowed her students to post questions for help using Google Moderator as they worked through a paper test review. It was shocking how many students were 100% engaged in an otherwise dry, paper and pencil, traditional classroom activity!

To suggest useful classroom Chrome Apps...

Abby Laskowski, 6th grade math teacher, wanted her students to be able to browse the Chrome Web Store and download some educational apps. BUT, she didn't want it to be a free-for-all! So we created an evaluation template that the kids could use and Mrs. Laskowski gave her students one class period to browse and evaluate. During the second class period, each student chose one app from their list to submit to the group. Each student got to place two votes and the top three classroom favorites were "approved" by us to be added to their Chrome account.

To plan your next PBL unit...

I worked with a group of 5th grade GT students last semester and after we finished our first PBL unit I was tired! I decided I wanted THEM to do ALL of the work - even come up with their own project idea. I let each student post an idea for our next unit and then vote on other suggestions they liked. (I did share a few sites with them for sample PBL units in case they were totally lost!) I chose three of the proposed units for the students to choose from and shared these instructions with them to get them going.

Simply as a voting tool...

Kaleigh Kankel, 5th grade SS/Lang Arts teacher, had her students use VoiceThread to reflect on a field trip. When their products were complete, she wanted to show them all and let the kids vote on the ones they thought were most informative, well organized, etc. She used Google Moderator to simply let her kids vote for their two favorite products and even comment on their peers' recommendations This was also an excellent opportunity to model and discuss appropriate commenting!

To get feedback from your students/staff...

I am always polling my teachers and asking "How am I doing? What do you need? How can I help?" While teaching Google Moderator to my staff, I posed several questions to them in a Google Moderator series. This not only gave them an opportunity to use the tool I was demonstrating, but it gave me excellent feedback on programs and processes in our department.

To start a discussion or debate...

At the Texas Google Summit in The Woodlands last year, we used Google Moderator to crowdsource our attendees for questions for our keynote panel of "experts." Even as the keynote was taking place, questions were coming in. As our audience voted on their favorite topics, we were able to answer the most pressing questions.

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Jessica Johnston

Brenham ISD

Instructional Technology Specialist

Google Apps EDU Certified Trainer

Google Certified Teacher