A look back at 44 BC

By: Katie Archey and Bill Coffey

Current Affairs and News

Caesar Declares Himself Dictator of All of Rome

By: Bill Coffey

Julius Caesar declared himself Dictator of Rome on February 14th, 44. With Pompey dead, someone needed to take the reins and run Rome. Caesar was happy to oblige and rule Rome by himself. He took control and intends to usher Rome into a new era of emperors to rule Rome.

After eliminating his remaining enemies, he returned to Rome. He reigned completely unopposed. With his military expertise, he ended the civil war that had been destroying Rome. Without him, we could have been so weakened that any army could take control of Rome. We needed his hand to show us the way.

Caesar may have broken the law by crossing the Rubicon, but he did it for a good reason. In fact Caesar says “If you must break the law, do it to seize power: in all other cases observe it.” Without Caesar’s sole rule, there is no telling what would happen.

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Caesar Assassinated on the Senate Floor

By: Bill Coffey

“Beware the Ides of March,” exclaimed one soothsayer to Julius Caesar. Unfortunately he did not heed her warning. Caesar was assassinated on the Senate floor earlier this week, on the Ides of March, or March 15th. He was stabbed 23 times by 23 different Senators.

The senators claim the stabbed Caesar because he was becoming too powerful. He was not looking out for the best of Rome. Whatever the case, the city has lost a powerful leader. Strong supporters of Caesar are outraged and are rioting in the streets. They are demanding the execution of the conspirators. Many of the senators, fearful for their lives, have fled the country.

The few senators that remain will be put to death by Caesar’s heir, Octavian. Octavian plans to take over the throne of the Roman empire. Octavian swears that he will reconcile for Caesar’s mistakes and will make things right. Hopefully he will live up to the promises he has made. For Rome’s sake, he will need to.

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Sword that killed Caesar now for sale

This sword was held by every senator that stabbed Caesar. It is the actual blade that killed him, guaranteed. It is still stained with his blood. For any enemy of Caesar, this is a must have to add to or start a collection.

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High Quality Togas

Dress to impress. That’s our motto. We sell the finest wool togas and linen tunics. With our high quality togas, you will look like the emperor. In fact, we personally tailored Julius Caesar’s toga. We have a variety of colors from cream to purple and everything in between. Our prices may be a bit higher than others, but you get what you pay for. Our superior craftsmanship makes it worth every aureus.

Slave Sale

We have the finest captured slaves. We have Greek slaves that will make the perfect tutors for your children. We have barbarian slaves that are great for menial labor. Whether you need one or one hundred, we’ve got what you need. As Rome expands, so does our stock. Why do the work yourself, when you can have your slaves do it for you.


Julius Caesar- 64 years old

Julius Caesar, was the husband of Calpurnia and possibly the greatest ruler Rome has seen. But sadly we have lost this amazing ruler. Just as of yesterday, March 15th 44 bc, Julius Caesar was assassinated. Sadly, our officers are working on finding who murdered Caesar. The general of the Roman Republic led Rome to many victories such as defeating Pompey, and governing Gaul. Why is such a great man dead? Many people have asked. Well, many people claim that Caesar was getting too occupied with power, and that his death was for the better of Rome. Marcus Brutus stated “If then that friend demand why Brutus rose against Caesar, this is my answer: not that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved Rome more.” We will all miss Caesar very much. His funeral services will be held on March 20th 44 bc, he will later be cremated on the Roman forum.

Steisimbrotus Xenocles- 40 years old

Lived in Thebes. Stesimbrotus Xenocles died just last night, August 30th, 44bc, due to a heart attack, while he was working on a new discovery in his home. He was the son of Adrasteia and Marcus Xenocles. He was born in 84 BC, on April 22nd in Thebes hospital. He married Elysia Gorgophone on August 23rd in 60 BC in the city of Rome. He was a philosopher. His accomplishments include becoming the 5th best known philosopher in Ancient Greek time. He was preceded in death by his parents, Adrasteia and Marcus Xenocles, and his 3 siblings, Fotini Xenocles (his younger sister), Golgotha Xenocles (his younger brother) and his older sister Galene Xenocles. Survivors of his family include, Fotini his sister, Golgotha his brother and Galene his older sister. Stesimbrotus’ funeral service will be held on October 5th, 44bc, at 6pm in the church of Xenocles.


Julius Caesar- Inside his murder!

A headline no one thought they'd ever see, Julius Caesar Murdered in the hall by his senators! He was murdered at the Theatre of Pompey in Rome, Italy. There are many people responsible for his murder. All the senators had a plan to kill him. Caesar was not aware that many of the senators hated him. Reports say that Caesar was handed a warning note as he entered the senate meeting that day but did not read it. After Caesar entered hall, he was surrounded by senators holding daggers. Apparently Servilius Casca struck first, hitting Caesar in the neck and drawing blood. Thats when all the other senators joined in, stabbing him repeatedly about the head. Sources say that Marcus Brutus wounded Caesar in the groin and Caesar is said to have remarked in Greek, “You, to, my child?” This was a brutal murder that was completely unexpected by Julius Caesar. But, the question that is on everyone's mind is who was the real murder, which one stab wound actually killed Caesar?

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Mark Antony- Is he trying to be Julius Caesar?

After Caesar was killed, Antony attemped to carry out Caesar's legacy. Now, everyone asks, why is he trying to be Julius Caesar, when Caesar left Octavian in charge as his adopted son? Why is Antony doing this? Is he trying become a better emperor than Caesar was? All these questions run through everyone's mind. Is Antony happy that Caesar is dead is the main question. Well, Antony took his armies east, and tat is where he hooked up with Caesar's old secret lover, Cleopatra. So maybe he was happy that Caesar was dead because he got Cleopatra. But is that really why he maybe wanted Caesar dead, just to shag his lovely lady friend? No one knows. But everyone is pointing fingers at Mark Antony, as the mastermind behind the murder of Julius Caesar.

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