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By: Max Breitbach

Baseball Hero

Have you heard of Starlin Castro? He plays major league baseball for the Chicago Cubs as a shortstop. He was born on March 24, 1990. He bats and throws right handed with the number thirteen on his back. He has had that number on his back since 2010 when he started for the Cubs.

Castro is the youngest member of the Cubs to have the lowest error percentage in the Cubs infield. He currently has a salary of five million and is expected to make thirteen million by the end of his career if he retires in 2020.

Castro has played baseball for five years. He has hit over fifty homeruns and just over 300 RBI's. He also has managed seventy stolen bases. He has over 860 hits with a batting average of .285.

Historic Field

Do you know the name of the Chicago Cubs before they were the Cubs? They were the Chicago Whales. Did you know that Wrigley Field is the second oldest field in the country? Also Wrigley's scoreboard has never been hit by a baseball, but it has been hit by a golf ball in 1951 by Sam Snead hit a golf ball with a 4-iron from the area around home plate off the scoreboard for a fundraiser, but that was an accident. The goal was to sink a hole-in-one for a $100,000 donation to the Evans Scholars Foundation, but unfortunately he was not able to do so.

Wrigley Field is one of the most historic fields. Many records have been set there such as the highest scoring game when the Cubs beat the Pirates twenty-three to twenty-six which is a total of forty nine runs. Another one is Babe Ruth's called shot which is when Babe Ruth hit a home run.

Wrigley Field was the field that started the trend to let fans keep foul balls and home run balls. Wrigley has 41,160 seats and has plans of increasing seating next year. This year, the field has turned 101 years old, since it was built in 1914. Is this the Cubs year to win?

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1. Soccer / Association Football 3.5 Billion

2.Cricket 2.5 Billion

3.Field Hockey 2 Billion

4.Tennis 1 Billion

5.Volleyball 900 Million

6.Table Tennis 850 Million

7.Baseball 500 Million

8.Golf 450 Million

9. Basketball 400 Million

10. American Football 400 Million

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