Economic News Investigations

Minimum Wage in Iowa

The average minimum wage in Iowa is $7.25 an hour, people do not like that and are trying to raise it to $10.10-$15 an hour. I think that this article is important because all though minimum wage is low, we shouldn't have to raise it so people can live off of left over tax dollars.


In Iowa alone there is over 3.8% unemployment rates, in the U.S. there is over 5.5%. I think this is a big problem for Iowa and the United States in general. Thousands of people do not get the luxury of buying top of the line food, cars, houses or anything. I think this should change because even soldiers are unemployed, people who served our country can't get jobs when they are out of active duty. 7.5% of veterans can't get a job when they are released from service, that is wrong and I think that congress needs to do something about that as soon as possible.

.22 Ammunition

The .22 Ammunition shortage has cause a lot of people who .22's to go far and wide to find shells without spending a fortune. The reason why there is a shortage is because people have bought outstanding numbers of .22 Ammunition that the prices are doubling, therefore making the demand for them go up before they get any higher. The government has now said that a single person can only buy 3 boxes per day so that others can buy some too.

CTE Jobs

Waterloo school's are looking to build a Technical Education Center to help improve students success rates and to help make more opportunities for the kids. The center would cost roughly $47 million dollars and say that it could make over 30 new career and technical education programs. I think that this would be a good idea because that means that kids in the future will have a better chance at getting different jobs and going down better pathways.

Ladybugs Kill Profit

Early research found that lady bugs are leaving a sour taste on the wine industry. The Asian beetles leave a foul chemical when crushed. They live in the vineyards which then are made into wine but then smell and taste funny because of the lady bugs. This creates an annual $420 million dollars of an impact because of these lady bugs, I think we need to make a chemical that the lady bugs don't like so we can put it in our homes and on the vine yards