Beasley Weekly Bulletin

Week of May 16, 2016

Mission Level 1+ is Now!!!

Hello Beasley Professionals:

We are going to start NWEA Testing next week on Tuesday, May 17. We will start testing in 5th grade and 3rd grade.

Some minor changes have been made to the schedules. Things we considered are testing environments, administrators to be visible in testing environments that have behavioral challenges, and which students would demonstrate more resiliency with laptops as compared to desktop computers. Our intention is to be strategic and leverage what ever we can. AP Turnbow will be sending the NWEA schedules to you in a separate email.

The Beasley Plan:

Reading Growth 75-80%

Math Growth 60-65%

Diverse Learners 80-85%

3-8th Reading Attainment 60%

3-8th Math Attainment 50%

2nd Reading Attainment 50%

2nd Math Attainment 50%

Student Attendance 96%

My Voice, My School - Organized

Data Quality Index Report 100%

Mother/Son Painting/Brunch Saturday, May 14, 2016

Our Mother/Son Painting/Brunch was huge success! We had about 60 people in attendance. Our activities included:

Principal's Message: Do's and Don't for Mothers and Sons and we engaged in an argument-centered debate about who really should have won in the movie Batman vs. Superman (CIWP 3). Using our CERCA model (Claim, Evidence, Reasoning, Counterclaim and Audience), the mothers and sons made some interesting points about Kryptonite, Lex Luther and Batman double-teamed Superman, and that Batman's technology was so advanced it could match Superman.

Delicious Brunch: chicken, waffles, smothered hash browns, eggs, turkey bacon, sausage, and juice. Thanks to our special Beasley Chef, Mr. James, Case Manager.

Collaborative Paintings presented by Tracey's Designs. Yes, our fabulous Ms. Turner did an awesome job enlightening us about painting techniques and the use of colors.

A huge Shout Out goes to Ms. Hickman (Gifted K), Ms. Patrick (K-1st), and Mr. Baldwin (Parent/Photographer). They helped to take my vision of our first Mother/Son event to the next level. Every parent and student who attended that how much they loved it and that we should do this every year.

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Beasley Spring Concert

A special thanks goes to Mrs. Addison-Davis and our Beasley Ensemble for their Spring concert this past Wednesday, May 11th. As always, it was terrific!

Beasley Career Day

Our Beasley Career Day was phenomenal! A special thanks goes to Mrs. Rendleman, Guidance Counselor for coordinating our Career Day on Friday, May 13, 2016. We had an archaeologist. botanists, lawyers, professionals in the medical field, fireman, and police officers. We are especially happy that our Chicago Police Superintendent, Eddie Johnson gave our 7th and 8th grade his story and how it is so important to make the right choices and visited classrooms (discipline/CIWP 1)
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Have a Great Work Week!