Peter The Great

Christian Ballaera

Peters Personality

  • Peter was not well educated, but was extremely curious.
  • He was very driven and thrived to learn more and more things.
  • As and example of this Peter followed through with several goals he wanted to accomplish. He wanted to strengthen the military, expand Russian borders, and centralize royal power.
  • He did eventually accomplish his goals, which could not have been done if it was not for his curious and driven personality.

Peters Accomplishments

  • He strengthened the military, expanded Russian borders, and centralized royal power.
  • Something huge that Peter achieved was that he pushed through social and economic reforms. He brought in Western technology, improved education, simplified the Russian alphabet, and set up academies for the study of mathematics, science, and engineering.
  • He also improved waterways and canals, developed mining and textile manufacturing, and backed new trading companies.
  • He created the largest standing army in Europe and built a navy from scratch. He used these armies to extend Russian borders to the west and south.
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Peters Polocies

  • One policy that Peter had was that he replaced the old robes with new western styled ones.
  • Any noble who owned land had to serve for the military.
  • Peter made boyars shave their beards and modernize their clothing.
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Fun Facts About Peter the Great

  • Peter was only 10 years old when he took the throne in 1682.
  • He used terror to enforce his absolute power.
  • He also ruled under the idea of absolutism.