Simon Birch

By: Tyler Volk

Simon Birch (Theme)

I Think that the theme is that you should make the best of what you got, and don't get angry about what you don't have. My evidence for this if that Simon is always really cheerful even though he is different from all of the other kids and he knows it. This evidence proves my claim because Simon, no matter what is always happy and upbeat.

Simon Birch (Characteristics)

Physical: Born with undersized heart, shorter than other kids.

Emotional: Happy and upbeat.

Interactions: Accidentally causes Joe's mother's death.

Change: Always hanging out with Joe, from trying to make it up to him because he feels bad for what he did.

Important scenes from Simon's POV

Scene 1: Ms. Wentworth's death. "For one of the first times I hit a baseball, I had ended a life, even worse, my best friend's mother's life."

Scene 2: "Joe and I broke in the school and we were caught but Ben came to retrieve us at the police station."

Scene 3: