The Pine Tree State

About Maine

This North-Eastern state is known to many as The Pine Tree State from the vast pine trees that once dotted Maine's forests. Its capitol is Augustus, and its largest city is Portland with a total population of 66,318 people. Looking at a map, it's represented by an ME with the total area being approximately 35,385 square miles. Being referred to nationally as Mainers, their total population throughout this Northeastern state is about 1.33 million people. In Maine's pine forests, you'll find an immense moose population roaming around as well as the state bird which is known as the black-capped chickadee. Also, you may find the state tree, the Eastern Pine Cone, and the state flower, the White Pine Cone. The Mainer's state song, "State of Maine Song", words and music by Roger Vinton Snow, was adopted as the official state song of Maine on March 30, 1937.