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January 7th, 2016

Happy New Year!!

I hope you have all had a great first week back! I know I have - it was great to spend time and recharge with family and friends - and it is great to be back and see the excitement on our students faces as they returned to school!! You make that happen, with your positive attitudes, greeting our students each day, and showing them how much you care and how happy you are to see them. Thank you!!

Teachers - I have several U of I observations scheduled - if yours is not scheduled please contact me and let me know when you will be completing yours and when you would like for me to come in.

Paras - I still have some paras to go over evaluations with. It only takes a few minutes. If you walk by and see me in the office feel free to stop in so that we can get that done. We will do evaluations again in April.

The 100th Day is approaching!! I will be sending out a google form to see what your preferences are in how we will celebrate this year.

Our January movie night is also coming soon! Fliers will go home tomorrow, and I've mentioned it in the parent newsletter. We need all hands on deck for movie night. Paras - you are able to come and to clock in during the night, if you are coming to do a specific job. A sign up sheet for everyone will be in the office next week.

Prek - DRDP Tech is almost up and running. Trisha put her own class in and you are welcome to do that as well. If you are short on time, Carla and I will continue work to get you in.

Due to IDAC training next week, our January staff meeting is cancelled. I will share what we need to discuss through email.

THANK YOU Helen for working on our gift to the board! If you see a board member, make sure to thank them for all the support they have given us as our building has grown and changed.

Happy Friday tomorrow!!

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Apple Tree: "I am Waiting" music video

I am Waiting video - great way to teach students what to do when they are waiting!

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Dates to Remember...

January 8th: Assembly (Pretzel with Roz, review 4S line with Trisha)

January 11th: Screening Day

January 11th - 13th: Jen out at IDAC training

January 15th: PD Day

January 22nd: Movie night/book fair at 6:00 (all staff)

January 25th: Staff Luncheon

January 25th and 26th: Jen out at PLC

February 8th - 12th: Prek progress monitoring

February 12th: PD Day (we will not be doing DRDP training after all, due to a district event - more details later)

Secret word is frog :) chocolate is available to those who say it to me :)

January 15th PD Day

8:00 - 8:30 All staff meeting

8:30 - 12:00 Prek Priority Standards

1:00 - SPED PD/K at Bush

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One Word that will change your life

I read an awesome book over break, recommended by MS principal Beth Houf, One Word That Will Change Your Life. The principal of this book is that there is one word out there for each of us. Finding and choosing that word can and will change your life.

What's one word that sums up all of your New Year's resolutions? What is one word that drives who you want to be? One word that you can focus on when times get tough or decisions need to be made?

Think about your word. We will go through the process of choosing a word together at the beginning of our pd day. I've chosen my word and it's already made a difference for me! When I need to make a decision or answer an important question, that one word has already given me focus and purpose.

I'm excited to hear what your words are for 2016!!

One Word That Will Change Your Life