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February 22 - February 26, 2016

Week Activities: B Week

Monday, Feb. 22

-Happy birthday, Lupe Moreno! :)

-Dickson Out - Conference

Tuesday, Feb. 23

-Dickson Out - Conference

Wednesday, Feb. 24

Thursday, Feb. 25

-Children's Program - Horn, Gonzalez-Karras, McKimmey, Reeder

  • 5:30 PM in the Cafeteria

Friday, Feb. 26

-End of 4th Six Weeks

-Last day of Penny Drive

-HeadStart Concert - The Ugly Duckling

  • 9:30 AM in the Cafeteria

Upcoming Dates:

  • Feb. 29 - Grades due @8 AM
  • Feb. 29 - Book Fair/Literacy Week/Open House
  • March 2 - Dr. Seuss's Birthday Celebration/Parade
  • March 7 - Spring Break begins
  • March 19 - Pre-K Discovery Festival

Important Info

Monday and Tuesday - Feb. 22-23

Please welcome Ms. Pam Meredith on Monday and Tuesday. She will be subbing for Ms. Dickson who is attending a Pre K Administrator Conference in San Marcos.

Can you work the Pre K Discovery Festival on Saturday, March 19?

  • $25.00 per hour
  • The festival is from 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. @ Singley
  • Thanks to everyone who has already emailed Ms. Dickson!
  • Email Ms. Dickson if you are interested in helping!

Austin Readers - 2 more classes needed!

Thank you to: Gonzalez-Karras, Mercado, Sanchez, Altamirano, and Li

Austin MS students are super excited to come and read to our students for the second semester of school! They will mostly be coming every other week at about 8:20-8:50 AM or so. I need SEVEN half-day classes to welcome our wonderful volunteers. Please email Mrs. Aquino if you are interested!

Remember, it's a great learning experience for the both age groups! :)

Power Videos/Learn 360

Calendar Feature

Check out the Calendar feature on Power Videos! It provides a video for every important event of the month. For example: Dr. Seuss!

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From Jennifer Dickson:

  • Thanks to Ms. Aquino, Ms. Martin & Ms. Montes for a great job on the Second Steps Training!
  • Thanks to Maria for all her hard work with purchasing and ordering the new Lakeshore & Handwriting Without Tears materials that arrived this week for classrooms!
  • Thanks to Ms. Alonso for staying on top of our daily Attendance percentages! Way to know your numbers! #EveryPandaEveryDay

From Kathleen Escobedo:

I want to give a shout out to Aurora for her "calm and peaceful" smiles - she will probably say "What?" - but her smiles mean a lot to me.

From Yolanda Huckaby:

  • Ms. Ramos for bringing me my stuff from my box!
  • Mrs. Mercado for willing to share her powerpoints!
  • Math PLC team for your hard work!

From Sandra Morales:

A Shoutout to Mariam Guerrero for being so awesome! and making me laugh every day :D I'm so glad you are part of our team!!

From Imelda Lara:

I would like to give a big Shout to Mariam Guerrero for watching my class while I went go do traffic duty. You’re the best Mariam!!!!!

From Ana Delapena:

  • To Mrs. Stanley for helping me translate when I got stuck during an ARD meeting
  • To Maria Coronado for getting everything ready for our field trip
  • To my lunch team for making my days fun
  • To Mrs. Guerrero for helping me call my speech kid's parents when he was absent

From Karen Nichols:

  • To Ramos and especially Lara for their hallway help while I was doing screenings.
  • To Huckaby, Mercado, Altamirano, Lazo, Robles, Figueroa, Sanchez and Yi for your flexibility and cooperation in allowing me to get screenings done this week-y'all are awesome!
  • To all the staff for being understanding and helpful during the screening process.
  • To the teaching staff-I am so impressed with the amount of English the kids are understanding and speaking!
  • To the front office peeps for helping to manage to clinic while I was screening!
  • To Aquino for bringing me exactly what I needed during screenings!

From Marcela Montes:

  • To Jose for giving me a compliment about my haircut and for helping me this morning with the parent meeting.
  • To Lupita for being the greatest, always helping everyone with the great attitude.
  • To Mrs. Altamirano and Mrs. Robles for allowing me interrupt their lunch to pick their brain.
  • To Maricela Cardona for sharing the great accomplishments of her son, good news lifted my spirit.
  • To Mrs. Raza for seeing every day as an opportunity for a better day. Thank you for giving your students hope.

From Michelle Aquino:

Shoutout to Nettie and Zandra for helping me out with Book Fair notes!