Grade 3 Newsletter Easter Term

SJI International Elementary, Singapore

Friday 13th March

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Next week our virtue is Truthfulness.

Truthfulness is about being honest in your words and actions. You don't tell lies, even to protect yourself from getting into trouble. You don't listen to prejudice and gossip. You see with your own eyes and make up your own mind about what is true. Being true to yourself means being who and what you are, without exaggerating to impress others or trying to look like something you are not. It is being yourself, your true self.


This week in IPC we have been reading and learning about Significant People. We had a wonderful time at our Entry Point, meeting Significant People from History. From famous artists, to scientists, to inventors, to civil rights leaders… we had a wonderful selection of people whose influence on our lives can still be felt today. The children enjoyed playing a Grade game of ‘Guess Who?’ as they asked each questions and tried to work out the identities of their friends. Thank you to parents and children for their creativity and time in sourcing such fantastic costumes!

Back in the classroom we have been expanding our knowledge about people who have fought for justice. We have learned about Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks and numerous of other people who stood up for the rights of others. We have looked at the notion of cause and effect, and what made these people act in the interest of others.

Next week we are looking forward to developing our skills in using sources to find out more about the past. We will be looking at primary and secondary evidence as we continue to learn about people who have made a difference.

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3KHa dressed as characters who made a difference.

Student Reflections by Caroline Johnson and Kayla Saville, 3KHa

"For our Entry Point we all dressed up as a person we felt had made a difference. We were Coco Chanel and Florence Nightingale. We did a lot of research about our character before the lesson so we could come with facts and information to share. The Entry Point was in the hall and it was a bit like going back in time. There were so many people from history in both the past and the present. All of us had a worksheet and we had to interview people in the room. We made notes on the information we were given and had to guess who that person was. We all learnt facts about lots of significant people. Everyone worked very hard on their costumes and we enjoyed it a lot."
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Language Arts

This week was our Entry Point to the LA unit. We had a great deal of fun sorting sentences about our teachers, working out who’s favourite food was chocolate or who’s childhood pet was a fluffy mouse and so on.

We then learned how to group the information together to form paragraphs. Using that technique, we collected facts about a member of our own family and wrote an interesting paragraph about them. This culminated in looking at facts and information about various Significant people, such as Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and Mother Teresa and sorting relevant and interesting facts and statements about their lives.

The grammar focus has been based on structuring good paragraphs and in Café we have been researching using the wonderful biographies from the library, picking out the key features of non-fiction texts.

Next week we will be delving further into the lives of significant people namely Martin Luther King, Helen Keller and John Lennon. The grammar focus will be looking at verbs in the 3rd person and the children will be starting their research on a significant person of their choice from history. This will link closely to the skills introduced in our IPC sessions, about how we can use different sources to find out information about the past.


This week was Maths Week and the students had an excellent time contributing to school wide tally sheets, gathering their own data and creating bar graphs. This was an exciting way to end our unit on graphs and also gave students the opportunity to extend their knowledge of bar charts and surveys. We really enjoyed consolidating our skills and understanding.

Next week in Maths, we will begin our fractions unit. We will start by making fractions kits that will help us with our understanding as the unit progresses.

Here is an excellent website with some maths games that the students can play at home to assist in understanding some of the concepts within this unit:

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Home Learning

Maths homework to be allocated by the teacher.

IPC/ Language Arts - Due Friday 20th March

In Unit of Work (UOW) this week, we will be finding out more about the past and the lives of significant people through using a variety of sources. One of the most interesting and revealing methods of historical inquiry is personal testimony – learning about history by talking to people.

Asking questions and interviewing other people is a great way to find out about the past and find out more about the lives of others. The home learning task this week is to interview an older family member about their life. Think carefully what their answers tell you about the past and compare and contrast the information to your life today.

School Survey

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Survey closes Friday 20 March.

Dates for the diary

Wednesday 18th March - 7.30am - Parent Briefing for the Grade 3 Expedition.

We are looking forward to our Grade 3 Residential visit after the Easter Break (Tuesday 28th- Wednesday 29th March). Please come along to the briefing to find out more about the expedition.

ICT Open Lessons:

TCo: Tuesday 14th April @ 2.00-3.00

KHa: Thursday 16th April 2.00-3.00

CMu: Thursday 16th April 9.20-10.20

SGe: Thursday 16th April 11.20-12.20

Request from Grade 1: Recyclable Materials

Please can Grade 3 students bring in any recyclable material (boxes, packaging,cartons etc) for the Grade 1 Entry Point. This is a surprise Entry Point for our Grade 1 classes so hopefully we can help them out by sending any of these materials to the Science Room. Thanks in advance for your help with this.

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