Russian runners banned

Russians banned after dopeing

Russians had been known to cheat in the past

Some cultures are so determined to win that they feel they have to cheat. But Russia had been known to cheat in the past including past olympics where they won more than 24 gold medals. And had been hiding the dopeing scandal for more than 3 years.

People who made it happen

Russia busted, or to be trusted?

What happened

One thing that you all know happened is long Distance runner Lilya Shobukhova had been dopeing in order to boost her expected run scores, but what you didn't know is that she didn't even want to she was forced to when they tested her before the 2012 London olympics her results were positive. Papa Massata Diack and Valentin Balakhnichev were blackmailing her, she had to pay very large amounts of money constantly in order to keep it a secret but, after russia had won more than 24 gold medals the officials got suspicious. They reaserched until they found one Russian shot putters positive test results half demolished. They soon found many many more destroyed. The confronted Russia and that's how they found out. All of the athletes tried to come up with excuses but were taken to the court of the dopeing administration and confirmed guilty and were then banned from the summer olympics

Other Russian olympian cheaters