Planning for Sophomore Year

January, 2018

Scheduling Information

The scheduling window is approaching! I will begin meeting with freshmen in the next two weeks to look at the new Course Planners for next year and begin mapping out the next three years! I will start with Science classes on Tuesday, January 16th to begin working on the Individual Career & Academic Plans (formerly 6 year personal plan of study) and then I will be in the English classes with enrollment paperwork the week of January 29th-February 2nd. Those forms will be due with signatures from parents and teachers on February 7th. Students who choose to not turn in scheduling paperwork by the required date are automatically scheduled by their counselor and no changes will be permitted.

Schedule changes:

Due to the amount of planning and coordination that goes into making the master schedule based on student course requests and staffing availability, schedule changes will not be permitted starting next year. Certain changes will only be made on a case by case basis and only after consulting with the student's counselor and administration.

Summer School

Applications for summer school will be available when students get enrollment information the week of January 29th. Seats are filled on a first come, first served basis. Classes fill up quickly, so be sure to turn in those forms as soon as possible if your student is interested in summer school!

If your student has failed a class and needs to make up that credit, we do have credit recovery available during summer school for core classes. There are cutoff percentages for eligibility of credit recovery.

The cutoffs are:

  • English: must have earned a 40% or above
  • Algebra I: must have earned a 50% or above
  • World History: must have earned a 40% or above
  • Conceptual Physical Science: must have earned a 50% or above.

If your student does not fall within these percentages, the entire semester will need to be repeated. You can contact me for more information.

If you want to take the ACT, you will need to register and pay online. Come see me if you have any questions!

Melissa Millington

Class of 2021 Counselor

Willard High School