Analytical Investigation

Aircraft Engine Fan Noise

this project deals with the analytical modeling of the engine noise through shockwave and expansion fan simulation

Why fan noise in particular?

Fan noise is a concern in aeronautical industry and the prediction of fan noise plays a significant part to the prediction of overall turbofan engine noise. As such, accurate modelling and prediction of the basic characteristics of fan noise are critical in designing quieter aircraft engines in order to ensure compliance with aviation noise regulations.

SUpersonic Flow: Assumptions

  • Weak shock;
  • Isentropic (shocks are infinitesimally small), inviscid, steady flow;
  • Infinitely thin plate
  • What is the shock angle, β for given deflection angle, θ?

system of equations:

A QUICKer and simpler approach !

IMPOrtance of the project:

  • acts as a first pass stage when designing aircraft engine
  • provides basic behavior, validates against established 2-D supersonic flow theory to highlight on the accuracy and reliability of code.
  • the exact numerical value is not important - comparison - less noisy
  • Serves as a design tool to predict fan noise under various conditions
  • Reduces rig testing and cost savings