AMS Library eNewsletter

Winter 2015

New Fiction Has Arrived!!!

This fall we've purchased about 500 new fiction books and story collections (that's not counting all our new ebooks!). The full list is at the bottom of this post, but you can also head over to the library catalog and see what's new!
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Holiday Writing Contest

The AMS Literacy team and some fabulous library volunteers, Ava, Ceili, and Devin, are sponsoring a writing contest for the holiday season! Students can submit essays or stories of at least 500 words any time before Friday, December 18th in order to be entered to win a cool prize. Submissions should discuss or center around at least one winter holiday from around the world. They will be collected by the library staff & prizes will be awarded before the start of the winter break.

Remember hearing about the new AACPS Virtual Professional Library?

Well, you can hear me narrate the steps to access it in the video below, which will probably embarrass me even though I won't know it's happening as a side bonus. More importantly, there are TONS of fantastic professional development titles in there.
Accessing the virtual professional library
I want to go check out the VPL RIGHT NOW!!!

You can search or else click on "ebooks" on the left to go straight to MackinVIA and browse.

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Have you been to Bookopolis?

Bookopolis is my new favorite thing! It's a social book review site linked to Edmodo. Your students can keep reading logs, write book reviews, and make recommendations to one another. You'll be able to see all their activity through your Edmodo account! If you want a demo for your class, just let Ms. Buck know and we will make that happen.
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The AMS Makerspace is open!

Students can now use the Makerspace, located in our library! We have tons of cool crafting and computing supplies, including:
  • Raspberry Pi & Arduino
  • 3Doodler
  • Duct tape crafts
  • Fabric crafts
  • Knitting & crochet
  • Paper crafts
  • A/V equipment
  • Cardboard, popsicle sticks, toothpicks, and much more!

In order to use the Makerspace, students must:

  • Write a project plan explaining their purpose
  • Make an appointment with library staff

And yes, you can come play too! We'd love to see teachers exploring what we have.

Special thanks to Hadlee for his help with getting the Makerspace up and running!