Cristiano Ronaldo

The best soccer player

Why is he famous?

  • he played soccer and became famous.
  • he played in World Cup.
  • he played in real Madrid, Spain.

What is his life like?

  • He lives every where.
  • February 5,1985.

why is this person important?

  • he win fifa world cup player of the year award.
  • he has lots of skills speed,shooting.
  • he is one of soccer most famous wingers.

what do i like or admire about this person?

  • he is a soccer player.
  • he is a good captian.
  • he is a good famous player.

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Christiano Ronaldo ,Messi!

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he Score the goal!

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he avoid the other player

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he win world cup

famous quote

"Without soccer,my life is worth nothing."