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Assignment tip

When you're reading news stories, don't forget to study how the story is written not just what it's about. Ask yourself if the reporting is representing all aspects involved, or is the media being biased?

Failed IT scheme costs Army £6.7m

The Army has had to write off £6.7m on a failed online recruitment system, UK Defence Secretary Philip Hammond has told MPs.

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TPims anti-terror measures may be 'withering on the vine’ - MPs

The usefulness of restrictions put on terror suspects by the home secretary may be "withering on the vine", a group of MPs and peers has warned.

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Phone Hacking Trial: Reporter Pleads Guilty

Dan Evans pleaded guilty last year to hacking at both the Sunday Mirror and the News Of The World (NOTW) and providing a false witness statement.

This is the first time those guilty pleas could be reported.

Evans, 38, told the jury he was approached by staff from the NOTW three times before he finally resigned from the Sunday Mirror in October 2004.

Assignment Tip

For P2 you are required to outline how the media can affect events as well as report them. Read the articles above, do you think the press might be influencing events? Will the CPS react to what is being reported?

A typical example of biased reporting? (see below)