Setting and Using Success Criteria

Learning how to do this effectively in a Primary Class

Minds on

Watch first few min. of this video. What did John Hattie find out in his 55 years of study of research? When finished video, ask teachers to look at John Hattie's results and then ask if they notice anything interesting about the results.


Follow up with making co constructed success criteria for student learning in September. (What makes our students good learners?). Hand out pages on how to co-construct the success criteria (Ann Davies ). Commit to trying to make up with our students and bring back observations to our next meeting.

John Hattie: Visible Learning Pt1. Disasters and below average methods.


Justify why we are using these criteria.

Were you more self-motivated when you had a chance to participate in this process as opposed to being given the success criteria for your classroom?



1. Davies, Anne. et al. Self-Assessment and Goal-Setting. Courtenay, B.C. : Connections Publishing, 2000.

2. Hattie, John. Visible Learning for Teachers: Maximizing Impact on Learning. New York: Routledge, 2012.