Careers in Biology

Biology careers you can pursue

Forensic science

Forensic science is any science that can be used in law. To pursue a career in forensic science you need to go to college and get a four year degree in a science such as biology, chemistry, drugs/toxicology etc.

Choosing a career

With a four year degree in one of those sciences you will be able to choose between a variety of jobs/careers that are compatible with a forensic science degree. For example, You could be a forensic toxicologist and study drugs or you could be a forensic botanist if you want to work around plants.

As a forensic scientist you mostly work in the laboratory and it is a hands on job. There are some cases when you work in the field. Like if you are a blood spatter analyst. The job requires you to write reports often so you will need to have verbal and written skills as well as problem solving skills, deductive reasoning, and critical thinking skills.

The annual salary mean goes up to about $95,000. A forensic science technician makes around $55,360 annually, a forensic anthropologist makes around $59,280 annually, & a forensic psychologist makes around $92,110 annually.