Vass-Lakeview Weekly Update

Long History...New Beginnings!

Trying something new?

As educators we need to stay current and fresh in our approach to communicating with our stakeholders. So...why not try a new medium for this week's weekly update? Smore is apparently a free site that helps you create newsletters in a flash! Here we go with this week's updates!

Staff Development Updates

Our Vision = Rock Stars at Cooperative Learning

Our vision statement, which was created by our SIT over the summer, reads: "Our vision for Vass-Lakeview is to provide engaging lessons while implementing cooperative learning structures during the 2013-2014 school year." In your PLCs, I challenge you to reflect on this vision and how you and your teammates are doing. What supports do you need to make this a reality?

A more structured approach to cooperative learning PD is currently in the works. Your trained teammates will become the experts and present the material to you in fun and engaging PD sessions. My vision is still to be rock stars at cooperative learning - Let's make it happen!

Mark your Calendar! Upcoming PD Dates

We have two PD initiatives that we are going to continue to be presented simultaneously. The first of these is the county's "Growing Great Classrooms" training. These trainings outline the 6 practices that were determined to be most important in Moore County Schools. The second initiative is our own VLE vision of being proficient in Cooperative Learning Structures. We had dates picked previously but I've rearranged these dates a bit. I tried to encompass all trainings into either our Thursday staff meetings or the 1/2 day PD sessions. This means I've canceled any extra Kagan dates that were previously sent out. :) All events listed below have been updated on the online school calendar.

Mark your calendars for these upcoming training events!

January 23rd - Growing Great Classrooms - Measurable Learning Targets

February 6th -Cooperative Learning Structures - Inside/Outside Circle + Paired Reading

February 20th - Growing Great Classrooms - The importance of Engagement

February 28th - Cooperative Learning Structures - Rallys + Rounds

March 14th - Growing Great Classrooms - Meaningful Learning

March 20th - Cooperative Learning Structures -

April 9th - SIT (Changed from 4-10-14)

April 10th - Growing Great Classrooms - Rigorous Learning

April 24th - Cooperative Strategies

May 12th-16th - During PLC = Growing Great Classrooms - Performance Feedback

May 15th - Cooperative Learning Structures -

Vass-Lakeview Elementary

We are a fantastic school, located in the heart of Vass, NC. We have the best teachers in Moore County who are dedicated to creating engaging classrooms that allow each student to reach their full potential.