ACT Now: Spring 2013

Quick Info Sheet

we need YOU.

  • Will be working in Marion on Wednesday afternoons. Approximately 2-5 pm.
  • We will be providing assistance for 10 students to supplement their ACT prep course on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • Ideally, volunteers will be traveling every other week to Marion.
  • We need volunteers with a passion for service, a positive attitude, and tons of enthusiasm for the class and the students.

Our Job

Our time with the students will consist of college selection education as well as online assistance for the students. Additionally, we will teach “depth studies” on concepts the adviser identifies as challenging for the class, using fun, exciting ways to explain difficult problems. If this program expands accordingly, we envision ACT Now evolving into the first sustainable, weekly involvement opportunity in the 57 Miles Initiative, available to all Honors College students.

Our Mission

ACT Now exists to partner successful and eager University of Alabama mentors with ambitious and talented Francis Marion High School students who are in pursuit of elite collegiate and career opportunities. ACT Now strives to instill resilient self-confidence, critical test-taking strategies, and a college-minded perspective in every student through diligent, engaging, and intentional investment. In the words of the Francis Marion Mission Statement, we will cultivate an environment “where there is hope. Failure is not an option.”

ACT Now info

Questions? Contact us!

Will Sorrell: 205-306-9797

Callie Perkins: 520-255-5227