and how it changes

Joseph Midthun

Joseph Midnuth is the author of the book 'Matter and how it changes'. he has wrote other science books such as energy, sound, electricity, light, force and motion, matter and its properties, heat, magnetsim and gravity. Joseph also has a mathematics series with the books including fractions, multiplication, addition, division, numbers, subtraction, Joseph is able to translate a non-fiction book into a colourful and interesting edition. His brilliant work is accompanied by the skilled illustrator, Samuel Hiti.

The Book

Matter and how it changes covers the facts of Changing Matter, What is Matter Made Of, States of Matter, Heating Matter, Cooling Matter, Physical Changes, Mixing and Separating Matter, Chemical Changes, Changes Around Us and Super States.

Joseph Midthun and Samuel Hiti's other books


There are three basic states of matter - liquids, solids and gases. The molecules in a liquid move freely which is what allows a liquid to spill. The molecules in a solid are close together and they vibrate which is what makes them solid. The molecules in a gas are faster and move even more freely, that is how gas floats in the air.