Scientific Revolution

Liliana R. 2nd Period

What Was The Change?

The scientific revolution challenged traditional views and instead relied upon experimentation. It was a period of relatively rapid and radical change in the understanding of the natural world. The world picture shifted from a geocentric to a heliocentric solar system in an infinite universe.

Who Were The People Associated With The Change?

How Did The Change Impact Society At That Time?

The Roman Catholic Church had conflicts with scientist during the Scientific Revolution. The church opposed views of many scientist because the church feared reason as an enemy of faith, but eventually began to embrace some of the achievements of the Scientific Revolution.

How Is That Change Evidenced In Today's Modern Society?

The Scientific Revolution influenced today's modern society in many ways. It lead to new discoveries in medicine, biology, and physics. The Enlightenment also changed the way people live.

Video on the Scientific Revolution

The Scientific Revolution - white board animation