Golden Fleece

By: Kellie and Kat


Jason and his sister Helle were sent off on a sheep with a golden fleece. His sister unfortunattly fell off into the sea which is now known as Hellespot. Jason got to Colchis on the eastern shore of the Black sea. When he saftley landed next to the boy, Phyrxus. Phyrxus sacrificed the ram to Zeus. He gave the fleece to AEetes, the king. He placed it in a tree and under the care of a sleepless dragon. Jason asked AEetes to give up the golden fleece.Then AEetes said he would give the fleece if he could give him two firebreathing bulls with brazen feet and sow the teeth of the dragon wich Cadmus had slane. Jason soon afterword came back. He was instantley pressed with 2 tasks. One to approach the bulls and pet them. The seconed to fight the undead. When he managed the impossible the spectators were astounded, and appalled. AEetes promised Jason the fleece the next day. A goddess Medea, came to Jason that night and told him that the king might arrest the voyage. So before he could Jason took the fleece and fled. No one knows what happened to the fleece.


Medea is the only goddess/ god in the story.

  • Crazy lady
  • Enchantress
  • Murderer
  • Tragedy specialties