Welcome Back To In-Person Learning!

César E. Chávez Elementary School

March 15, 2021

1510 W. 14th Street, Eugene, Or. 97402

School Office Hours 8:00 am-3:30 pm






Welcome to a special edition of the Cheetah Chatter! This newsletter contains everything you need to know about our return to in-person learning. Please read on for information about timelines, orientation events, new drop-off and pick-up routines, plus much more. We are so excited to see you soon! And for those of you remaining online, we wish you a smooth transition to your Same School Online teacher and a wonderful spring with your new learning community. Take care, Cheetahs! We are here for you!

Return To In-Person Learning Timeline:

Week of March 15th:

  • All students switch to their Hybrid or SSO class and teacher
  • Grades K–1 have one orientation opportunity during the week. Blue time Zooms continue as normal (9:30-10:55)
  • Grades 2-5 remain in Distance Learning schedule

March 22 - 26 Spring Break

Week of March 29th:

  • Grades K-1 begin their Cohort A or Cohort B schedule
  • Grades 2-5 remain in Distance Learning schedule
  • Grades 2-5 in Hybrid have one orientation opportunity during the week

April 5 and beyond: All students are in Cohort A or Cohort B schedule


Hybrid COHORT A comes to school on Monday and Tuesday from 7:55-12:55.

Hybrid COHORT B comes to school on Thursday and Friday from 7:55-12:55.

Both Cohorts learn off-site on Wednesdays.

Kinder-1st Orientation Schedule

  • Families will sign up for a time and date during the week of March 15.
  • Students will tour the classroom and playground. Due to COVID regulations, families will not be allowed to enter the building.
  • Ms. Pearson and Ms. Angie will be available to answer your questions while your child is inside.
  • Blue time Zooms will continue as normal this week (9:30-10:55).
  • Contact your teacher if you have questions about your orientation.

Grades 2-5 Orientation Schedule

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Returning To Chávez: The Basics

Arrival and Dismissal:

School hours are 7:55–12:55

  • There is ​no​ supervision before 7:40 or after 1:05. Please do not leave your students unsupervised at school.

  • Students will enter and exit through their grade level’s designated doors. Parents will not be able to enter the building with students at this time.

  • Students arriving after 7:55 will enter through the office.

  • At their designated entrance, students will wait on the physically distanced red dots until it is their turn. A staff member will welcome them in one at a time, then they will go straight to their classrooms. The teacher will check them in and ask how they are feeling.
  • Breakfast will be provided in classrooms.
  • Students and parents should maintain 6 feet of distance from others when on campus.

Face Coverings:

Face masks are mandatory for all adults and students on campus. ​Please make sure face masks are school appropriate and fully cover over the nose and below the chin. We have masks available for students if they need a replacement for any reason.

Health and Safety:

  • Along with the safety procedures outlined above for student arrival and dismissal, we will also be increasing cleaning and sanitizing procedures throughout the building. Students and staff will wear face masks, follow social distancing requirements, will frequently wash or sanitize their hands, and keep frequently touched surfaces clean.

  • Staff will do daily visual screenings and ask each student the following questions:

    • Are you feeling OK today?

    • Have you felt anything that’s different for you in the last few days?

  • Students indicating they are unwell will be escorted to the Health Room for further evaluation.


Students will get a daily 30-minutes recess with their cohort group. Students will be allowed to play all the usual playground games, minus those where students would come within six feet of one another. Masks will continue to be worn at all times.

School Breakfast and Lunch:

  • All students will receive breakfast and lunch at ​no charge. It will be eaten in the classroom.

  • Students are still welcome to bring lunch from home. All packaging should be able to be opened by the student without assistance.

  • We encourage students to bring a water bottle that can be refilled throughout the day.

Student iPads:

Your student has an iPad issued to them by the school district. Your student, if attending school in person, will need to bring the device ​back and forth​ with them to and from school. Please help your child set up a routine to charge their device when they get home from school each day. This way it is charged and ready to go for school the next morning.

School Supplies:

Each student has an individual box of school supplies ready and waiting for them in their classroom. Personal items should be left at home.

Visitors and Volunteers:

While we love and appreciate having volunteers and visitors, we will not be able to have anyone other than 4J employees and students in the building at this time.

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Parking Lot and Transportation

NEW PARKING LOT RULES! Vehicle Drop-Off and Pick-Up:

Did you know that the most dangerous place for a child on their trip to and from school is the school parking lot? To make our parking lot a safer space, and to meet COVID protocols:

  • Follow signs to K-2 or 3-5 drop-off/pick-up zones.

  • Vehicles will pull into the white-striped Pause Parking lane and say their goodbyes and greetings in their vehicles.
  • Families will not be allowed to park and walk their child to the school entrance. If you prefer to park and walk, please take a look at our “Park & Stride” option below!
  • During drop-off, students will exit the vehicle on the right hand side. School staff will be there to greet them and direct them to their entrance.

  • During pick-up, drivers will display their student name sign in the windshield to help staff in quickly matching them with their child.

Park & Stride, Walk & Roll:

Try something new for the trip to and from school this year! If you're close enough to school, we encourage you to walk, bike, skate, or scoot.

  • If you need to drive, you can still avoid the school parking lot by trying our new "Park and Stride" option! Albertsons at 18th and Chambers is letting Chávez families park in their lot at pickup and drop-off.

  • After parking at Albertsons, visit the ducks as you walk on the bridge over Amazon Creek to the back of our building. Staff will be there to greet you and your child and point you in the right direction. Your child will get a chance to move before they come to school, which has been shown to improve academic performance and is good for their health. And you'll be a part of making the air cleaner and our parking lot safer by keeping one more car out of it.

  • Once at school, families will head to a Family Meet Up Spot to say their goodbyes in the morning and reunite in the afternoon. Staff will be there to take over and direct each child to their designated entrance. Due to our COVID protocols, adults will not be able to walk their child all the way to the door.

  • Family Meet Up Spots: (Choose the one most convenient for you)

    • Playground

    • Fire lane - on east side of building

Bus Transportation:

We encourage students to ride the bus. Frequent cleaning and safety protocols are in place.

  • Students will receive a visual screening before entering the bus
  • Seats by the driver will be reserved for ill students, and the school will be contacted. Ill students will not join their class and instead will go to the Health Room for further evaluation.
  • Green dots will be marking places for students to sit. They are staggered left to right and on each row of seats.
  • Drivers will assign a seat to each student.
  • Students will wear face coverings while on the bus.
  • Students may not eat while on the bus.
  • Drivers will use windows, fans, and roof vents to increase ventilation.

If you have any questions about your bus route, please call the school office.


Chávez Office 541-790-5300

Ms. Pearson, Principal pearson_d@4j.lane.edu

Ms. Karma, Secretary carey_k@4j.lane.edu

Ms. Maria, Bilingual Office Assistant gomezleon_m@4j.lane.edu

Ms. Angie, Family Resource Coordinator gee_a@4j.lane.edu