" A Whole New Year" Coaches Corner

Oakland Elementary School 1/14/16

A New Year of SCIENCE

Make sure to view the Vertical Teaming Science eMaze from our most recent PL. Your groups made great connections in Science. Scroll to the bottom of this Newsletter for the link.

POINT Test for 2nd grade........ Window is open 1/19/16 - 1/29/16.

Physical Science Post Test 2nd Grade (COPY) [53382]

Online Passcode: FE9WU3NE


If you or your grade level would like planning time for Science... Let me know.

Math Information

- In your box, you will find a hard copy of the “Look Fors” in the Mathematics Classroom chart that was used to create our SMP 1, 3 & 6 checklist.

* Take a look and see what gets me all excited when I come and spend time in your classrooms!

Thank you for always letting me come “hang out” :)

* Attention-Grades 2 & 4*

I have really enjoyed the collaboration thus far! I am looking forward to those I have scheduled in the near future

* Grades K, 1, 3 & 5*

No fear, you are next on my list. However, I am still here for you! Please let me know if you need anything specific from me. I will do all I can to support you in mathematics.

Math Important Dates

Monday, January 25th-100th Day!

* Let me know if you have a 100 Day Celebration Activity planned. I would love to come in and enjoy the exploration fun! *Plus, take pictures

Challenge 24 Practice (beginning 1/19)- (Please notify students of names that are emailed to all 4th and 5th grade teachers/Send home letters informing them of practices beginning on 1/19 J)

* 4th Grade: Tuesday & Friday 7:15-7:45 am**

* 5th Grade: Tuesday & Thursday 7:15-7:45 am**

* **Attendance is required to compete!

o Friday, February 26th-OKE Challenge 24 Competition

Summary of Balanced Reading Approaches

Big image

Ideas for Reading Workstations

Book boxes

Buddy Reading


Readers Theatre

Word Wall

Oral Retelling



Update on Saturday Professional Learning at OKE

Our next Saturday Professional Learning opportunity WAS scheduled for February 6, 2016.

It is cancelled.

The OKE Leadership Team meets 1/20/16 and will decide on the new date.

We will let you know the new data ASAP.

Tech Tips

Please do not allow students to carry stacks of laptops to and from classes. Laptops can break if dropped.

Grade Level technology support

January 14th Kindergarten

January 21st Fifth

Photos for Class: Kid-Friendly Image Search Engine

If you’ve ever struggled leading students through a Google Image Search you’ll appreciate Photos for Class. This kid-friendly image search engine brings age-appropriate images to your students’ fingertips. Photos for Class is a free search engine that helps students find Creative Commons licensed pictures. Each picture includes an automatic citation when photos are downloaded.

This kid-friendly image search engine includes pictures from Flickr, The Library of Congress, and the British Royal Archives. Photos for Class can help spark conversations about digital citizenship and citing sources. This website will definitely come in handy when students are looking for images to include in a digital storytelling creation, conducting research, or simply searching for the perfect picture for any project. Photos for Class is completely free and works on any web browser!