Danielle Leis

Presidents and World Leaders

  • George H.W. Bush: When elected, he was the first sitting vice president to win the presidential election since 1837

  • Saddam Hussein: terrorist

  • Bill Clinton: While in office, the nation had a low unemployment rate, lowest inflation rates in decades, and high home ownership rates. Clinton was impeached on December 19, 1998 by the House of Representatives, but was not thrown out of office

Important Laws and Decisions and Supreme Court Decisions

  • Law-Disability-Passed in 1990.Focused on improving the working rights for the disabled.Gave more workers an opportunity to maintain a career.These laws helped those affected previously by disability discrimination

  • Law-Civil Rights Act-Supported gender and racial equalities in more places. Passed on November 21, 1991. Gave women more rights in the workforce.Granted more job opportunities to all races

  • Hicks-Hicks was fired and blamed it on a racial decision. He lost due to a lack of proof. Made some people realize that racial discrimination is still an issue

  • Harris-Harris was sexually harassed in her work place. Harris won the case. This led to a safer work environment for women. Cases like this also led to safer work conditions for all employees

War and National Deffense

  • Persian Golf- Started in 1990 and ended in 199. A fight about oil prices in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia
  • Cold war- Came to an end. Soviets were in power
  • Bombing at World Trade Center- Terrorist tried to bomb in 1993 on a parking ramp. Only made a hole in several floors. Six people were killed and many were injured.

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  • Answering Machine
  • CD
  • MP 3 Player
  • Memory cards
  • First Mobile Phone Games
  • Automatic Doors on Cars
  • Java
  • DVD
  • Were Updated

Living Standards and Lifestyle

  • Lost of things have gone up in prices since then.
  • Wore baggy clothes, denim, liked preppy, blazers, canvas shoes, neon, loafers
  • Thought track pants were comfy
  • Woman liked elastic boot straps with trousers, turtle necks, cowboy boots,
  • Liked straight hair, and wanted to color it or a bowl cut for guys
  • Teenagers like to go to the mall and hang out


  • Era was filled with many family things to do and watch. Starting to get more out there for everyone to enjoy. It was a time for new music to arise and dancing. Many new singers like Whitney Huston, 2 Pac, or Madonna.

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  • Micheal Jordan- A famous Africa basketball player who had been kicked off his high school team, but went on to play pro
  • Magic Johnson- African American who played for the Lakers
  • Tiger Woods- African American Golfer
  • Wayne Gretzky- Hockey player
  • Deion Sanders- Football player

Famous People

  • Rodney King- Cops beat him up and killed him to death. It caused riots and many thoughts of racism.
  • Saddam Hussein- Accused of stealing. A very different leader.
  • Bill Clinton- president who ran for most of the decade.