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Meet Kathryn!

My name is Kathryn Mills. I'm 25 and I got married last April. I have a 13 year old step son and I am 20 weeks pregnant.

I have an independent photography business, other than being a mom it is my greatest passion in life, I also work in a studio. Being a photographer in a studio in a baby store helps me strike up conversations about Thirty-One easily. So many women use the Zip Top Organizing Tote as a diaper bag it's easy to talk about it. I talk to women about new patterns and recently new designs we have out. They ask about new bags or bags that compliment the ones they have. A woman told me she had a boy on the way so it wouldn't work for her another lady I had just talked to suggest the Spirit Collection for little boys. So you can get a plain color and personalize it.

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