Green Law Firm

By: Steven Green

Terms You Should Know Going Into Court

  • Plaintiff - The one who brings up the case
  • Defendant - The one accused or sued in a case
  • Complaint - We will file a complaint for you. These are formal statements which name the plaintiff, the defendant and the lawsuit.
  • Summons - The judge sends this document which tells the defendant of the case when to appear in court
  • Pleadings - We gather evidence to help you in your case!
  • Pretrial - A meeting with the judge to prepare for the trial
  • Conference - Meeting of attorneys
  • Mediation - A mediator assists the two parties in agreeing to a settlement
  • Arbitration - Use of a judge to settle a dispute
  • Trial - A meeting of two parties to settle a dispute
  • Preponderance of Evidence - Superiority of evidence that is more convicting
  • Verdict - The decision in a case
  • Appeal - The loser of the case may appeal to a higher court if he feels that the decision was unjust.