By:Sean P


In this book you will learn three topics about sharks the first one is diet. sharks have a lot of prey. The second thing is habitat and then finally characteristics.

EPIC BATTLE: Tuna vs. Great White Shark!!!


Sharks eat a lot of things including other sharks and sometimes crabs. They also are good hunters. the Hammerhead eats thing that live on the bottom of the ocean floor that's why they have a hammer shaped head. On the bottom of the head there are little sense buds that they use to find food like crabs and other fish on the ocean floor. Other sharks like the basking shark, mega mouth, and the whale shark eat tiny little micro bugs called plankton which are so small they swallow the plankton whole. That is why the whale shark, basking shark, and the mega mouth have no teeth they just have a bunch of soft bone called cartilage. Some sharks eat crustaceans (animals that have shells on them).


Sharks don't really have a habitat they aren't area territorial meaning they are free to roam the waters. And if they don't have a habitat they just lay the eggs in any hidden place they can find and the eggs hatch there.

Shark Hatching

Shark Birth / Hatching


Sharks that give birth live are called ovoviviparous. A few types of sharks can swim up to 60 miles per hr. Sharks can bite 300 times harder than us. Sharks have three on each side of its eyes eyelids 2 like us and 1 transparent eyelid the transparent is so the salty water doesn't get in its eye ball. Sharks are cold blooded. Sharks have 6 senses 1. Hearing 2. Seeing 3. Smell 4. Touch 5. Lateral lines ( a sense that enables the shark to detect movement in the water ) 6. Electroreception ( it helps the detect electrical fields in the water ). Sharks have five to six gills. Sharks skin even have teeth on it if you were to rub your hand on a sharks back you would cut you self. Sharks


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