Jailen's Portfolio

English Pineda-Spring 2015

1) Journal Reflection

My favorite journal entry was “what I did over Christmas break”. This was a very clutch entry. I liked it the most out of every other is because it explains most of my daily life. Like how I said that “I got beat in cod advanced warfare by chance”. Things like that happen almost every day! Its saddening that he beats me even though I’m better than him but I guess that’s just how things are in the videogame world. Also like how I said I code and make new jailbreak tweaks for iOS 8.1.2-8.3x. Some days when I’m not working or playing videogames I’m working with Ryan Petrich on jailbreak tweaks. Like “localIAPstore” is one me and him made which makes it to were in app purchases are free. So if you are playing subway surfers and you want to buy the $99.00 coin pack you just click it and you won’t have to pay for it and you can click it as  many times as you want without having to pay for anything. My life is fun and exciting just like my life in school because my teachers(like ms. Pineda) have made it fun and exciting to learn.

Student choice essay 1

Is love stronger than hate? In my opinion love is stronger than hate because when you and your loved one love each other very much you two will overcome any problems you face with each other. Like how in Romeo and Juliet when they were apart of two different families they both made it to where they could get married. Even though they both were only like fourteen years old. I believe that love is stronger than hate for those reasons and more. Like say if just like Romeo and Juliet; a girl loved a guy but that guy’s family hated the girl’s family. Because there was a feud going on between them for 115 years. That didn’t stop here from loving him. So then everyday after school she would go to him and tell him how much she loved him. But one day he finally realized that she was the one, so the next time she told him that she loved him, he said back to her “ I love you more” and it killed her inside; she became so happy and ecstatic. The look on her face was priceless as he gave her a kiss. It was crazy love and how crazy was it? Very crazy. So crazy to where they were dating behind their parents backs. Everyday hiding their love, it was starting to get sickening. So one day they decided to tell their parents. Their parents shocked faces as they told them about their secret love. When they were done telling them about it they told them of the great times they had. As their parents listened their anger grew dim and dim because they realized that the power of love is stronger than the power of hate. They let them continue to date. The End. J