African Kingdoms Project

By: Anish Gajera & Jesus Gonzalez

Kingdom of Benin

The kingdom of Benin is located in modern day Southern Nigeria. Benin used to be a Pre-Colonial Empire. Kids didn’t go to school but, instead gathered around campfires and were told stories by the storytellers and they were educated at the same time. The farmers grew Peppers for trade and also grew Beans, Rice, Onions, Sorghum, Millet, Papaya, Gourds, Cotton, and Peanuts.

Mud Mosque of Mali

Mud Mosque of Mali (Djenne)

Djenne is a town/urban commune in the Inland Niger Delta region. The Mud Mosque in this commune, was built in 1907. It can hold up to 3,000 worshipers. When it rains, the walls are damaged with gaps and cracks, but the mud masons of Djenne fix all the damaged areas in the harsh conditions. The mud masons are now regular carpenters that you see constructing buildings and roads.