SOAR Virginia Advisor Update

Wrapping Up the Year

Certification, the final step for this school year.

This year's certification has a hard deadline of April 30. What does this mean?
  • Each SOAR Virginia student has either "0" or some number of Community Service Hours Listed.
  • Each student is marked "YES" or "NO" for unexcused absences
  • Each Senior's FAFSA is complete.
  • Each Senior's EFC is listed.
  • Each Senior's post-secondary plans are listed and if known, college attending.
  • 2015-2016 Certification is marked either "YES, PENDING GPA" or "NO".

Where is this information recorded?

Here is the section on the SOAR Virginia database to complete for each student.
Big image

Are there any helpful reports?

Yes, click on this report to see your school's certification progress.

Where do I get Cumulative GPA's

You will not collect these. We will obtain the GPA's here at the GRASP Office. You'll be leaving the school before they are ready. That's why you will mark each student Certification "NO" or Certification "YES, PENDING GPA". If the student has a 2.5 GPA or above, here in the office we will change the student to "YES". This will happen in June.


Contact Anne or Bettsy at the office. or