3rd Grade's a HOOT!

May 2 - 6, 2016

3rd Grade Update

3rd grade is now done with state testing. This week we will be getting back to our regular routine. We have a little over four weeks left and we need to make sure we continue to work hard to finish the year strong.

Last Thursday, students were given their science test back with the option of making corrections. These test corrections are due by Wednesday and must be signed by a parent. Please check with your child about their grade to determine whether or not they need to make corrections. As part of the corrections this time, they must provide evidence from the text (science) book to support their new answer. Again, these are due by Wednesday and will not be taken late.

If you have not already returned your pictures, the deadline was today. Please send either money for the pictures or the pictures back to school.

Don't forget the Blowfish reading challenge!


We are currently reading aloud a variety of poetry books. Students are encouraged to take some time to read their own poetry books as well. We are also looking at paired texts to identify story structures and compare and contrast.

Current Skill Focus - Compare and contrast, text features

Writing - We are writing in our journals reflecting on different aspects of our year in 3rd grade.

Encourage your child to complete their independent reading each night.


Students received a study guide today for Chapter 9. This test will be Friday, May 6. I will have a study session Friday morning for anyone who would like to come in to study. Most of the students have done a fabulous job in learning the different strategies we have explored for multiplication.


This week we will take a look at different habitats. Students will work in small groups to read and research the habitats and complete a note catcher for a grade. The expectation is for this work to be completed in class.

SC History

We are currently working on a Civil War lap book. Students are taking what they have learned about the Civil War to create a variety of foldables. We will plan to have a test on this information Tuesday, May 10. A study guide will be sent home this week.

Other Notes

Don't forget to check and sign your child's agenda each night. Encourage them to write neatly so you can read what they should be doing. Every child should be able to communicate what they are doing in class.

Purple folders come home on Wednesday. Please make sure you are reviewing the papers and signing the folder each week. The folders are due back to school by Friday.