The Great Migration

The Thing That Affected All Of Canada And Britain

The People Affected By "The Great Migration"

60% of the British Moved To Canada, Since they thought they would have a better life there. 15% were slaves, who thought they had freedom and a farm (Britain told them they would have one), But Instead, Not every slave have a farm, and even if they have a farm, its in poor conditions. For Freedom, they had to freeze to death when night falls.

How Were The People Affected By The "The Great Migration"

Since 60% of the population of Britain has gone to Canada, for a better life. 40% of the People who stayed in Britain were running out of resource since the butchers, the blacksmith etc. were going to stay in Canada. But the English did not mind. They wanted a little more space.

What Actually Happened To Make 60% Of the People Who went To Canada?

Since most of them were slaves, most of them were forced to go to Canada, or encouraged to go. Some people wanted to start a new life there, seeing theres nothing much bad about the country (Until the Cholera Epidemic)

Why Was This Event Significant?

This Event is Significant Since the Its Surprising to see a heck load of people, moving at the same time, but it was sad to see people die on the boat with Cholera, starving. So most of the people died when they were going to Canda

Other Important Events

-First Canadian Railway

-Fraser Gold Rush

-Cholera Epidemic


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