Tech, Books and Tidbits

RHHS Media Center

October 2012

Linda Greenwood, Media Specialist

Patricia Habersham, Media Assistant

This is the first newsletter of a very busy start of the school year. Tech, Books and Tidbits will give you the latest news from the media center in a new format: online newsletter from


The Destiny catalog and circulation system is still down. The good news is that students and staff can still check out books! Since everything has to be hand written, students are limited to one book at a time. This year students can check out magazines.

DISCUS has Changed

DISCUS has some new databases this school year: Applied Science and Technology, Student Research Center (Journals, ebooks, maps, newspapers, country reports, and more), Science and History Reference Centers, Novelist Plus, Credo Reference, and Bloom's Literary Reference Online. Our favorite databases are still there: Opposing Viewpoints and Ferguson Career Guidance Center (including ebooks). Just click on to gain access to DISCUS. You don't need a password in school. Home access information is available in the media center.

Changes in the Media Center

Does the Media Center look different this year to you? Well, it is different. The fiction section has been been reorganized. The nonfiction books are located around the perimeter of the media center. The reference books are being relocated to the small shelves toward the back of the media center. There will be a special section just for the career books. The professional collection will be much larger with addition of donated books.

Art on Display

The next time you visit the media center, look up.....on the top of the shelves for student art work.

Equipment and DVDs

Ms. Habersham has been very busy sorting and setting up equipment. There is one TV available with a DVD/VHS player. The media center also has a nice DVD collection. Come on in during your free time to see what is available.

Next Book Club Meetings

The next Book Club meetings will be held October 18th during lunch in the media center. Since we meet during lunch, students will not miss any class time.